Analysing the multi-functional aspects involved in a M&A transaction within an organization for a successful transformation by managing financial synergies to gain market share

Mergers & Acquisitions Summit 2017

Globalization has led to the integration of national and international markets. Corporate sector all around the globe are remodeling and restructuring its operations through various types of consolidation strategies, of which mergers and acquisitions is the most prominent. Changing government reforms and increased globalization have led organizations to adopt different growth and expansion strategies. Indian organizations are faced with multiple challenges from both domestic and international competitors. The increased competition combined with increased globalization has prompted Indian organizations to see mergers and acquisitions as an important strategic choice. The key lies in analysing the trends, concerns and issues surrounding mergers & acquisitions with special reference to the Indian corporate environment. Inventicon’s Mergers & Acquisition Summit is aimed at creating the right blend of senior M&A professionals across the various industries to highlight, discuss and conclude as to how a merger & acquisition can propel the Indian economy into the 21st century.


The Mergers & Acquisitions Summit 2017 is India’s most relevant and top level conference for M&A professionals across industries.

Key Topics of Discussion

  • The evolving landscape & the India story - Understanding the Opportunities and Challenges of M&A
  • GST and its impact on M&A in India
  • Complexities in establishing cross-border M&A deals – Understanding the Risks & Rewards
  • Learning the importance of Acquisition & Integration Strategies
  • Measuring the success of a M&A
  • Examining the role of investment banks in M&A transaction
  • Key to understanding Due Diligence and Company Valuation in a M&A

Who will you meet?

  • Managing Directors & CEOs
  • Chief Financial Officers
  • Heads of Corporate Finance
  • Heads of M&As / Joint Ventures
  • Heads of Strategy, Marketing & Business Development
  • Heads of International Marketing
  • Heads of New Ventures
  • Heads of Risk Management
  • Heads of Legal, Regulatory Affairs & In-house legal counsels
  • Company Secretaries

Why this is the must attend conference?

  • Highlighting the business potential of M&A in India
  • Know of the emerging trends in the M&A domain
  • Moving from a traditional approach to a strategic approach
  • Best practice sharing with M&A professionals across industries
  • Role of technology in M&A
  • The way forward – roadmap of the M&A domain in India

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